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Meet Lorraine Levine, The Carrie Bradshaw of Retirees

Over this past winter, Lorraine Levine felt so confined in her East Village apartment that she told her neighbor she was dying — of boredom.

“The way she said it, it was funny,” TV producer and writer Robert La Force says of the octogenarian he checks on often. With his last production in the can, La Force began recording the salty, swear-studded statements Levine made, showing friends and family the resulting videos. Their laughter inspired him to start posting clips online in March.

Thus “Ask My Neighbor Lorraine,” was born, a video series in which Levine tackles questions like “What’s the best hangover cure?” and “Is the third marriage a charm?” with her typical comic frankness.

(Answers: “Go out and get a drink, get laid, and call me in the morning” and “The third one doesn’t mean s—t.”)


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Meet The 89-Year-Old Grandma Who Makes Betty White Sound Like A Total Prude

“My Neighbor Lorraine” talks sex, relationships, hangovers … and the (seriously) amazing life lessons she’s picked up along the way.

Why is it that we’re so surprised when senior citizens talk like us? Sure, movies and TV shows from their era portray only G-rated language, and it’s natural to assume we’ll mellow out with age. But accumulating a lifetime of wisdom doesn’t necessarily mean losing your sense of fun.

Just ask Brooklyn-born Lorraine Levine, 89, who may be on the verge of online stardom with herextremely NSFW videos, which have racked up 4,000 Vine loops and 5,000 YouTube views in a couple days. (Her neighbor, filmmaker Robert La Force, is behind the camera, hence the series’ title “Ask My Neighbor Lorraine.”) Here she is, describing losing her virginity, and again we emphasize NSFW, perhaps the only four letters Lorraine isn’t familiar with. (Read More)

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